Carvin School is a member of the “Liga Atlética de Colegios Cristianos de P.R." and participates in the fallowing sports:

  • Volleyball

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Swimming

  • Tennis

  • Track and Field

  • Softball





The main objectives of the clubs and organizations is to give students an opportunity to get involved in areas of special interest and develop leadership qualities through free expression and participation in those areas. Each club and/or organization has a constitution which is submitted to, and approved by the administration. All club and/or organization members are given recognition on their official transcripts, and in the yearbook.


The Student Council is the only organization that involves the entire student body. The officers represent the students in several committees that deal with matters affecting the students.


The Year Book Club is responsible for the photography, preparation, organization, and publication of the School Yearbook, “The Carvinian”.


The officers and members are the recording agents of all important events that form the history of Carvin School. Each family receives one copy of the yearbook for each school year. Additional copies can be purchased if they are available.


The National Honor Society recognizes and rewards the scholastic achievement of outstanding H.S. students. Members must maintain an average of 90% in academics and, at least, a satisfactory grade in conduct. They must also excel in leadership, service and character, and uphold the standards of the school and the N.H.S.


The Junior National Honor Society retains the same standards as the N.H.S. and has the same purpose, but its members are selected from the Middle School.


The Science Club encourages students to broaden their scope in the field of science through investigation and research. The Club organizes field trips and the members participate actively in the annual Science Fair and other scientific events on the local, national and international levels.


The Math Club is organized to strengthen the interest of tomorrow’s mathematicians in the subject, and show them the importance of mathematics in every phase of the world of today. This group participates actively in math contest within the school and with other school on the island. There is an active peer tutoring program in the math department, in which the members of this club participate.


The Music Club is active in the primary, middle school and high school. It consists of the Hand Bell Choir, Choral Group, Band and Flute Choir. Each group meets twice a week and is responsible for the Annual Christmas Program and artistic contribution during graduation exercises. The members of this club are invited to perform in banks, shopping malls, airports and other institutions during the Christmas season. These young musicians usually choose Band as an elective when they enter the high School. They earn money playing in clubs and restaurants while they study. Students who decide to major in music usually receive scholarships for their college studies.


Monitors: This is a service club. Its function is to help maintain law and order in the school. They work in coordination with the teachers and the Dean during recess and lunch. They also serve as ushers during school activities. This is the only club where teachers recommend candidates solely based on character, conduct and leadership qualities.


Future Business Leaders of America is open to all interested in supporting and further promoting FBLA and its goals. These goals are as fallow.

  • Develop competent, aggressive business leadership.

  • Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work.

  • Create more interest and an understanding of Puerto Rican and American business enterprise.

  • Develop character and prepare for useful citizenship and foster patriotism.

Carvin School initiated the first FBLA local chapter for private schools in Puerto Rico on November 15, 1989.


Future Homemakers of America (AJED): Membership is open to any student who is taking or has taken a home economics course. Future Homemakers of America is the only in-school student organization with the family as its central focus. Carvin School is the first private school in the San Juan region to become a part of the organization.


The History Club: It is the host of one of the most important activities for the school year. The membership of this club is from the Elementary, Middle and High School. Its purpose is to link the past with the present and this way help students prepare for the future. Members are involved in various academic and cultural activities like the Geography Bee, the Puerto Rican Night, the Presidential Classroom and the Model United Nations Club.


The English Club: It has, as its main objective, the perfection of oral and written English through constant practice. This club gets involved in at least one drama production each year, and is responsible for all the phases of this dramatic production. This activity helps to improve diction and create self-confidence in the members of the club. Club members also compete in the Annual Spelling Bee, dictionary contests, and poetry recitals. This club also publishes an anthology of verse and prose each year.


The Forensic Club: As a part of the English Forensic League of High School of Puerto Rico, the purpose of The Forensic Club is to participate in the interscholastic contest in public speaking and in the dramatic arts. If also prepares the students in the mechanics of the English Language, as well as to cultivate in them a wholesome spirit of competition.


The Spanish Club: As literary caretakers of the language and culture of Puerto Rico, the Spanish Club members share a common interest in the perfections, writing and/or producing dramas, and for the past ten years they have published an anthology of poetry and prose in Spanish.


The French Club: This is a lively and dedicated group that meets regularly to learn more about the French Language and culture, and to practice speaking French. A few students from Carvin School have gone to study in France. Since there is a French Republic and French Department just minutes away from Puerto Rico by air, there is a good possibility for cultural interchange.


The Library Helpers Club: It was founded several years ago because there were students who showed genuine interest in helping in the Library and learning more about its functions. Its members play an important role in the circulation department, in the repair of materials and they help maintain order in the library.


The Sports Club: This is possibly the most active of all the clubs. Membership in this club requires great discipline. Its purpose is to develop good athletes and excellent leadership. Each year the club celebrates an awards ceremony to recognize all these dedicated athletes.


The Web Page Club: This club is sponsored by the Development and Alumni Office. Its members help create and maintain the Web Pages of Carvin School, Inc. which appear at different “sites” in the internet. Members combine artistic writing, general knowledge and computer skills to upgrade and enhance the web pages of their alma mater.





The Council of Parents and Teachers (El Consejo) is an organization within the school composed of a group of concerned and dedicated parents and teachers. They serve as a link between the school, parents, teachers and community. They work very closely with the Administration to maintain constant communication between the parents and the school community. They also engage in a limited amount of fund raising activities designed for certain specific purposes. Any concerned parent is invited to become a member of this organization that dedicates itself to helping the school attain its goals and objectives. Contact with the Council can be made through any of the two offices of Carvin School.





School life in Carvin School is never dull. Various activities are planned to enhance the academic and social experience of the student body. Each department sponsors a particular activity each year in which many students can participate. Some take place in Puerto Rico and others in the U.S. Some of these are by special invitation only.


Some of the activities are:


  • Grandparents Day

  • "La Noche Puertorriqueña"

  • La Diana de Navidad

  • Torneos de Deportes

  • Math Bowl

  • Senior Ring Ceremony

  • Cantata

  • NASA Trip

  • Field Day

  • Presidential Classroom

  • Festival de Bellas Artes




The snack shop in each campus opens early in the morning and during recess for the benefit of some students who find it difficult to have an adequate breakfast or who cannot bring in a snack.





A hot balanced lunch is served daily to all the students at no extra cost. No student is allowed to leave the campus to eat lunch. The food is provided by the Federal and State Lunch Program. The school provides the space and most of the equipment and pays the lunchroom staff. The program is strictly supervised and evaluated both by the federal and local governments. Although the program, prohibits serving certain food that is not provided by the lunch program, exceptions are made for students who have special medical or dietary needs. The students are allowed to bring their own lunch as long as these needs are established and the necessary proof is submitted for their record.


The school does not discriminate because of race, color, nationality, country of origin, sex, religion or political beliefs. The lunch program is open to all students who wish to participate and who are present when the lunch is being served.





The Library:


The library is open for students from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every day. It remains open during recess and lunch.


Open the most important lessons that a student can learn while in school is that the Library is the place where he/she can find the information he/she wants on any subjects. The Library, therefore, forms an integral and important part of the Learning Media Services. It complements the school program in every aspect. Carvin School has a library on each campus, each with a librarian and at least one assistant. The Library Helpers Club forms an integral part of the staff. The training they get and tasks they perform today will hopefully encourage these readers to become the librarians of tomorrow. Carvin School has participating in the Federal program, Reading is Fundamental (RIF) for many years. The purpose is to help student develop a love for reading, and to read for pleasure. The librarian is responsible for doing research and choosing books that are appropriate to all age levels and possible interests of the students. The federal Government donates seventy five percent.



NOTE: Carvin School does not sponsor or authorize disco parties or dance. The students, clubs or groups of students who decide to plan such activities do so under the sole supervision and responsibility of their parents. The School will not sign any document that may hold it responsible for such activities.


Carvin School Inc. does not organize trips, cruises, or other activities for graduating Seniors. Activities of this kind that are, on occasions, sponsored, planned and prepared by the parents of the graduate who are solely responsible for the cost of these activities, for permission for the students to attend and for the outcome. Fund raising activities relating to these activities cannot be done on campus.














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